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[EPUB][AZW3] The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

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The Hammer of Thor EPUB AZW3 Kindle free ebook download

The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan – Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #2 (EPUB, AZW3/Kindle)


Thor’s hammer is missing again. The thunder god has a disturbing habit of misplacing his weapon–the mightiest force in the Nine Worlds. But this time the hammer isn’t just lost, it has fallen into enemy hands.

The Hammer of Thor

If Magnus Chase and his friends can’t retrieve the hammer quickly, the mortal worlds will be defenseless against an onslaught of giants. Ragnarok will begin. The Nine Worlds will burn. Unfortunately, the only person who can broker a deal for the hammer’s return is the gods’ worst enemy, Loki–and the price he wants is very high.


Rick Riordan just gets better and better with each series. That being said, it was even better than the first book. This right here is proof that a book can be hilarious and fun and make the reader feel a whole range of emotions while also touching on some really important and relevant topics. I loved the newly introduced characters and I loved how whacky all the gods. Overall, this book is a masterpiece and is definitely on my favourites.


“Your horn is a phone?” Amir asked.
“I think technically it’s a phablet,” Heimdall said. “But, yes, this is Gjallar, the Horn and/or Phablet of Doomsday! I blow this baby once, the gods know there’s trouble in Asgard and they come running. I blow it twice, then it’s Ragnarok, baby!” He seemed delighted by the idea that he could signal the start of the final battle that destroyed the Nine Worlds. “Most of the time, I just use it for photos and texting and whatnot.”
“That’s not scary at all,” Alex said.
Heimdall laughed. “You have no idea. Once, I butt-dialled the apocalypse. So embarrassing. I had to text everybody on my contact lists, like, False alarm! A lot of gods came running anyway. I made this GIF of them charging up the Bifrost and then realising there was no battle. Priceless.”

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